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Coming in October 2021

 A unique hosted adventure sleeper train to Longreach


October 2021

The Spirit of Qantas and the Outback

4 Day Rail Adventure - By sleeper train to Long Reach

A FAB hosted experience.

NOTE the deals below are indicative only and are the lowest retail prices we have secured previously.

We can not disclose interline fares, which are even cheaper than these - use our menu for access.

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Aspiring Pilot
By crew - for crew

All of our agents have had 30+ years as crew


We know what you want 

And what you don't

We travel on the ships we sell

Specializing in six-star all inclusive cruises


But we can/will find epic deals for every budget

We can usually match or better all other agencies

Our Cruise Line partners are the best most luxurious brands in the world.


We specialise in all-inclusive interline deals - examples of our best ever retail pricing - our interline deals are even better.

International reach

Although we might have been born in Australia FAB Interline Cruises now has a truly global presence with our own offices and staff in the USA, ASIA, New Zealand and most recently Europe.​

Our agreements with KVI Travel, that has a history of 20 years selling interline fares and over 100 agents across the globe, enable us to offer exclusive deals that on one else can match.

Opera House at Sunset
Exceeding expectations

Whether you are already addicted to cruising or you've never be on a ship before, we realize everyone has different needs and expectations.


We take the time to find out what you do and don't want.


Tell us when you've got holidays and we'll actively seek out the best-discounted deals for you.

The big boys simply can't provide the level of service we offer.


For your first cruise it is vital to get it right. There are many traps for young players.

It is said life is too short to drink cheap wine, well life is also too short to cruise on a dirty old ship. If you're on your honeymoon you don't want lots of kids, and nor if you're cruising with your family do you want loads of zimmer frames. We get that.


Every cruise line caters to different demographics and we make sure to get you a perfect match.

We remove all the mystery and the potential for big bad mistakes.



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