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My name is James Hardy and I'm a current cabin crew member with 30 years of service. 


FAB Interline Cruises is my site and my little baby. Cruising has been a passion of mine for many years and I've always loved helping find the perfect cruise for friends and colleagues.


FAB as a platform now enables Debbie Smith and myself to share all of our excitement and inside knowledge about cruising with a broader audience. But better than that we are now able to source and sell the very best interline fares on the planet. You won't believe some of the deals we will be able to find for you and your family.


You may have heard of, or even used previously, Vacations to Go and Dargal. Please note that we can sell exactly the same product at the same prices, except we are based here in Australia, not Canada or the USA. And unlike Dargal, we will never charge you a booking fee. And because we are on your time zone, not on the other side of the world, we can answer your questions in real time. We are often at our desk making bookings from 6am until midnight or later, weekends included. No other agency provides our level of service

If you ask most travel agents to book a specific cruise, they will just take your money. 

We are different.


We want to ensure we find you the very best deal on the best ship possible. 

That also includes warning you about ships that we would personally avoid. We prefer to lose a few bookings that way, than to see you waste your money on a cruise they might not like, or even hate. From experience with so many people we deal with, if you drag your partner along on a crappy cruise, you will never ever get them on another one. And then your cruising days are over. 


Don't that that risk. 


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Aspiring Pilot
By crew - for crew

Run by Australia based crew

 No international call centres

We are on your time zone


We speak your language

Specializing in high end all inclusive cruises


But we can find epic deals for every budget

We also sell retail fares to non airline staff

We can usually match or better all other agencies

Focus on our region

Being based in Australia we know what you want. 

There are hundreds of interline deals at any one time.

We carefully sort through all of these and only focus  on the ones that depart from ports that are easy to reach for Aussies and New Zealanders.

Your inbox won't be flooded with cruises that are simply impossible for you to reach easily from home.

Our interline agreements permit us to sell specifically to Australian and New Zealanders unlike Dargal and Vacations to Go that are often strictly forbidden from selling the same cruises to non-USA residents.

If they can't sell it, we usually can.

Opera House at Sunset
Exceeding expectations

Whether you are already addicted to cruising or you've never be on a ship before, we realize everyone has different needs and expectations.


We take the time to find out what you do and don't want.


Tell us when you've got holidays and we'll actively seek out the best discounted deals for you.

The big boys simply can't provide the level of service we offer.


For your first cruise it is vital to get it right. There are many traps for young players.

It is said life is too short to drink cheap wine, well life is also too short to cruise on a dirty old ships. If you're on your honeymoon you don't want lots of kids, and nor if you're cruising with your family do you want loads of zimmer frames. We get that.


Every cruise line caters to different demographics and we make sure to get you a perfect match.

We remove all the mystery and the potential for big bad mistakes.



5 Star

7 Nights Aust

WAS $999

FAB Price $299

Examples of past FAB discounts


Sadly you've missed the boat - These FAB deals are no longer available.


 They are just a sample - even better ones are lie inside this website. 



The Australian division of KVI Travel - IATA #96526312

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