Request for high end cruises in Jan/Feb 2020



If you were after interline the problem is these voyages are so popular that they often sell out as they are usually on very small ships. If interline becomes available, big if, I can’t see based on this year, that any won’t be released until within a month of departure.
This year I can only remember one that popped up and it sold out within hours.

I’ve added Ponant as an option as they have a great high end product and have lower price points a rule. For the true Antarctica experience you really need to go with, (if you can afford it) those that offer the full adventure/expedition activities like zodiacs that take you onto the ice that Seabourn and the others do.


If your budget is tight Azamara had one on offer last year at $3,439 one which is truly exceptional. Even if they don’t get you onto the ice, it might be worth considering as that price includes open bar and tips.

Anyone interested in Antarctica really should watch these quick videos: