How to improve your chances of grabbing an epic interline deal for you, your mates and family.

From the FAB Travel In-box.

Which cruise lines permit me as an interliner to book another cabin for friends that fly? And we want to cruise in July next year, when might interline discounts be released for that period to help us plan, especially for our non airline friends who don't get staff travel and need to lock in flights.


This is a very common question we get here at FAB, I thought I'd post the answer here as it may help anyone who wants to travel with non airline mates and help secure them absolutely amazing interline discounts ......

Here are the ones that permit two cabins, I’ve highlighted the high end ones. It’s such an awesome privilege that you can friends away at such amazing discounts.

• Our interline agreements that permit you to book two cabins providing a current staff member is travelling are:

• AMA Waterways + generally only close to sail date (approval required)

• Azamara - non family

• Barging though France – non family

• Carnival – immediate family – parents and kids to 21

• Celebrity – non family

• Norwegian – non family

• Paul Gauguin – immediate family to 21 and parents

• Ponant – non family

• Regent – immediate family kids to 21 and parents (on request basis)

• Royal Caribbean – non family

• Silversea – non family but must use one payment source

• Windstar – non family

As to July next year the interline deals should start to drop Mar/Apr. Not much happens in Jan, and there are big WOW retails sales in Feb. Once those are clear they have an idea of which voyages are going to need some proactive support to fill. As we get closer to July the more interline fares that will be released.

June this year was exceptional for great deals and July was pretty good as well. The best indicator of what will happen next year is what interline fares were in the market this year. And this is where our archive of deals for July 18 and 19 is so valuable, as you can view the type of fares you can expect. No one else provides this service. Starting this year I have also filed the upload or release date for these interline discounts, meaning you will be able to see approximately how far in advance fares dropped for July this year.


To improve your chances to find a truly exceptional deal I always recommend staying as flexible as you can. Book flights if you want, but try to not book land content.

If you want a 10 day cruise and give me a 14 day window we might be able to find you one or two options. Give us a three week window and there will likely be double that number. 4 Weeks and you may have 6- 12 really good options to choose from.

If you restrict your self to the Greek islands you will limit your options substantially. But if you were to say, we don’t really care, we just want the best cruise line at the most exceptional discount then I although you might prefer The Med, Greek Islands or Croatia, I may actually come back to you with an absolute corker to Norway. If you are that super flexible I can almost guarantee that you may have 20 or more exceptional deals to choose from.

Again book you flights to main gateways and you can always get cheap train or flights within Europe.

Flexibility is the key.

If it was me I’d start to research which cruises those 4 preferred lines will be offering for July via the website. They have the easiest to use search engine and we all have the same prices. Then track price movements as we get closer to Jan and Feb - the ones that remain at full price will likely sell out. The ones that have retail prices that have started to drop substantially indicate those that they are having trouble filling the ship, that is when yield management will say we need the interlines to clear the unsold inventory. And that is when they will release interline fares us.