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Password problems

I know they do my head in too.

The cruise lines require parts of this site be hidden behind a firewall. Sorry! It's something we have to do.

We have two hidden sections.

1/ Current interline discounts.

To access these you need a guest password which will be generated when you complete the form below. You can do that more than once. Note the password will be displayed at the bottom of the form after you press submit.

2/ FAB members section


This has our current specials but also exclusive additional features like the FAB Vault of archived interline deals and FAB Alerts.

For this part of the site you need to become a member.

If you have already signed up (by free or paid subscription), and either didn't get or can't remember your password . . .

Click the red button below.

A new window will open.

Then hit 'forgot' and you will be sent a new password.

Once you have a password click the Member Log In at the top right of all pages.

When you are logged in your name will be shown and you will be able to view all hidden pages.

If you are still stuck use our contact form and select the box indicating you need a Password reset - make sure you include your email address.