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Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Starting today I'm going to make a series of posts initially aimed at total cruise virgins.

Answering questions such as:

Cruise lines from top to bottom 6 star to budget options Which cruise line is best for Families, singles, honeymooners or retirees Which cruise lines, ships and voyages to avoid and why Big ships vs small ships Cabin selection inside, ocean view, balcony, and suites Cabins to avoid How guarantee cabins work How to score an upgrade Drink packages Gratuities Sea sickness Why your first cruise is so important How to make the most of your first cruise Mistakes to avoid on your first cruise Packing tips Best time to buy for cheapest deals Which region is best for you Insurance Future cruise credits A typical day onboard Main dining room and buffet Room service Specialty restaurants Shore excursions Deposits/Refunds Deep water, coastal, river, canal boats, expedition, small ship and charters

Once I get through all of these I then I will do a deep dive into each cruise line, their signatures, pros and cons.

And at a later time insider secrets of this fascinating industry to help you get discounts you won't believe on your dream cruises. Along with region specific tips that most agents wont share, such when the wet season might see it rain every day, 24/7.

What other questions should I address?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Oct 23, 2022

Captain Stubbing!! Where is Julie?


Oct 23, 2022

You’re THE BEST Captain James🥰

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