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Current Best Last Minute Deals

The ones listed below are open to everyone!

Release date 14 Oct 2024 - until Sold Out

Welcome to a fresh new format for this blog that will be replicated across our website and Facebook pages. There will be a few updates just like this one every month.

Eventually, we will separate blog posts for all the main cruise lines and regions, such as say the Mediterranean in peak, shoulder, and off-season.

Each post will act as a bucket into which we can drop new deals as they are released.

By clicking the 3 dots and "Follow Post" you will be automatically notified as new deals are dropped into each bucket. This means that you will never miss out on the best discounts as soon as they are released.

We will shortly be resuming our famous Cruise du jour, where we post the best deal of the day via our Facebook Group. Last Minute Cruise Discounts and Travel Blog

About the deals in this update:

  • Most cruises listed have only one or two cabins available.

  • If you wait, you will miss out.

  • Unless stated otherwise all-balcony suites

  • The ones featured today are all Seabourn, why?

  • These rates are as low as "closed rates" usually reserved for those in the industry

  • They are inclusive of meals + entertainment, a full open bar, a minibar, and tips

  • Seabourn suites are 3/4 times larger than cabins on other mid-range lines

  • They feature huge balconies, separate bed and lounge areas, walk-in robes

  • Huge marble bathrooms with double basins, full showers, and a separate bath


  • All prices are USD p/p twin share + tax.

  • Solo travelers pay 2 x fare, 1 x tax.

  • Deposits are approx 20%

  • Final due 90 days prior

  • No refund

The Seabourn standard inclusions equate to well over $150 per person per day. On a mid-range ship for ten days that would be $1500 per person or $3000 per couple.

As you will see below our fares on some voyages are well the base fares of 3/4-star ships. But there really is no comparison.

Ask anyone who has sailed on Seabourn, it really is like First Class, 24/7.

Interline rates Use our search engine to check if lower interline prices are available.

Ocean View


NOTE: Taxes ex Aust/NZ are very high at about $900 approx

Ocean View - huge picture window


Interline rates Use our search engine to check if lower interline prices are available.

Coming soon Expedition Cruises

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Dean Anderson
Dean Anderson
Dec 18, 2023

Am after a river cruise in Europe and not very good on computers

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