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First class 24/7! 6 Star Viking from $2500

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Absolute 6 Star indulgence!

ALL Inclusive - Balcony Suites $2500 USD

Just had these come across my desk. Viking routinely sell at double these prices and it is not unusual to see full retail fares for 7 days being $6-7K per person, so at $2500 USD per person, they are incredible deals.

A word of caution, many smaller ports in the Med close down from late October to April and these ultra low deals are from Oct to Feb. Cruising these ports over that time would be a very different experience to high summer, but heck if you are on a 6-star ship, it is just one more reason to stay on board and relax in extreme luxury.

Have a look at everything that is included, you can walk off and not have any bill shock on that last night when an account is slipped under your door for drinks and excursions.

The only extras are spirits and tips. These are all-suite, all-balcony ships which are 2 to 3 times the size of cabins on other cruise lines.

  • One complimentary shore excursion in every port of call ($100)

  • Free Wi-Fi (connection speed may vary) ($25)

  • Beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner ($50)

  • 24-hour specialty coffees, teas & bottled water ($15)

  • Port taxes & fees ($50)

  • Visits to UNESCO Sites

  • Enrichment lectures & Destination Performances

  • Access to The Nordic Spa & state-of-the-art fitness center

  • Self-service launderettes

  • Alternative restaurant dining at no extra charge ($25)

  • 24-hour room service ($10)

All of these inclusions come to an equivalent value on any other cruise line of about $225 per day or $1575 for the week, meaning the cruise component is approximately $1000! For absolute six-star everything.

International business class fares can start at $7000, what would you rather have 12/14 hours on a plane or 7 days in first class?

Note these fares are open to everyone, with no requirement to work for an airline.

This is how we roll at Last Minute Cruises. You won't see others promoting these sorts of deals as most people simply won't travel at the last minute and there is little margin in these heavily discounted fares. The cruise lines also tend not to want to advertise these widely as those who have booked at higher prices will get stroppy. Whereas this is our core business.

If you take on board our tips here about how you plan your future travel, these are the sort of deals we can secure for you.

Our advice, if you are planning a big trip to Europe, lock in flights at great rates well in advance. Then sit back and don't lock in any ground content. Or if you do make use of those that offer free cancelation. Then come back to us a month or two before departure. Ask us for the best deals we can find between your arrival and departure flights.

We will work our magic and then you build your European holiday around the cruise we have found for you.

Most people do it the other way around, and build everything around a cruise they have found. That guarantees you will pay top dollar, generally many thousands of dollars over cruises we can find for you at the last minute.

The key is to remain flexible. It doesn't matter which airports in Europe you fly into, cheap air and train options abound.

If you've found this helpful or intriguing, please share this post with other friends or family who are already interested in cruising, or might be if they can scare bargains like this.

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