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Team FAB - Who we are and how we can help

Updated: Jan 1

FAB is an aircrew business - run by crew - for crew. ​ We know what you want and what you don't. We book:

  • ​​all cruise lines

  • all ships

  • all regions

  • all price points

​ We ​are a travel company specialising in six-star all-inclusive cruises at a discount for aviation employees, retirees, and their family and friends. ​ We also offer huge discounts to non-airline employees. Book with confidence FAB Travel powered by KVI Travel All of our team are fully qualified agents of KVI Travel which is an IATA member, global full-service interline and retail travel agency established in 1998. KVI now has over 110 agents across the world. Our principal James Hardy is a senior agent with KVI and his portfolio includes Groups, Charters and Special Projects. James is a professional host for the exclusive Distinctive Voyages program, as are Sheryl, Debbie, and Jack.

Your money is protected ​ Neither FAB nor KVI holds in trust nor banks any of your money. All payments are processed in-house by the cruise lines themselves. This is the ultimate protection to avoid an agency default.

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