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Union Shoppers ... Welcome aboard!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

As a Union Shopper, through a new partnership with FAB Last Minute Cruises, you now have access to a range of incredible discounts on high-end 6-star cruises of up to 90% off full retail prices. Additionally, you can also save 25% off shore excursions and 30% off travel insurance.

The above deals can be found here Remember to bookmark it

Who we are and what we do.

Hi and welcome to FAB Last Minute Cruises. My name is James Hardy. FAB stands for Flight Attendant Business and that is because I work in aviation and initially our business was focused exclusively on interline discounts which are closed rates for those who work in aviation.

Over that time we become experts in the discounting cycles of the industry. As a result, no one knows better than Team FAB, how, when, and why cruise lines discount certain voyages. As a result of our success, we have recently extended our services to non-airline employees. Hence this new partnership with Union Shopper.

By following us on Facebook and via this webpage you will learn the secrets of the industry that will help you save up to 90% off full retail prices.

Can you really find me a cruise at 90% off full retail prices?


The overwhelming majority of people who book cruises do so a year or more in advance in order to lock in holidays, flights, and other commitments. The entire industry swings on this principle. Deposits lock people in mentally. But it is the cancellation penalties that kick in at final payment dates that are key to understanding the discounting cycles.

As with a casino, there are no absolute guarantees in this discounting game, but if you know the rules of the game if you can read the cards, as we can, you really can beat the bank.

You won't find cheap deals at FAB on budget lines like Carnival or P&O or most of the mid-range cruise lines.

Instead here at FAB, we focus almost exclusively on high-end all-inclusive star cruise lines.

Why? Because our prices for 6-star ships routinely work out cheaper than 3 and 4-star cruises where you have to factor in additional costs such as gratuities and drinks. All of which can add approximately $100-$150 per person per day.

What's a 6-star cruise like? Think first class, 24/7.

Video: 6-star Seabourn as featured in the case study below.

FAB can get you onboard an all-inclusive cruise just like the one in the video above and save you $1200 on a similar 4-star cruise.

Understanding the rules of the game.

As an agency, we are unique in that we are registered in both North America and Australia. You may have heard of or used some of the big international cruise discounters in the USA such as Vacations to Go. Up until now many of their discounts have been restricted to North American residents. Our agreements permit us to sell to Australians. But being registered in Australia also means that we can sell in AUD, if rates work out cheaper this way.

Last-minute fares have conditions that differ from normal fares.

1 Most of the best last-minute deals we feature will be in USD, as these are generally much cheaper than for the same cruise in AUD.

2 If we are quoting in USD, prices will not include taxes. This is so that you can compare apples with apples to ensure we are the same price or cheaper than other USA-based retailers.

3 As the discounts we offer are up to 90% off, in most cases, payment is required in full and there is no refund.

4 Not all of our deals are for last-minute cruises, sometimes we will have equally great deals a year or more in advance, especially for big bucket list cruises such as the Kimberley region and the Antarctic.

5 The deals we publicize here are extremely limited and often ONLY one or two cabins will be available. If you see a deal one day and wait until the next to book, the chances are that the deal will be sold out.

6 Where to find last-minute deals for Union Shoppers?

7 How to book? Use the contact form on this website and quote: Cruise line, ship, date, nights, and departure port.


Case Study:

Below are two very similar cruises,

  • 4-star cruise with basic drinks and tips paid for $2660

  • 6-star cruise that is all-inclusive for $2184

  • Which would you prefer?

Cruise 1 - 4 star ship - Booked a year or two in advance

P&O - Azure - 7 nights - Balcony cabin $1960 - Cruise only

With basic drinks package and gratuities paid - $2660

If you like a drink then expect to pay about $80 per person per day. So with the gratuities that equates to about $100 per day extra ($700 per week).

Or a total price of about $2660 for a basic cabin, with only a standard drinks package (only basic spirits/beer and wine), and no mini bar on a big ship with 3100 pax.


Cruise 2 - 6 star - Booked 1-6 months in advance

Seabourn - Encore - 7 Days - Balcony Suite - $2184 - 6-star - All inclusive

Inclusive of: full open bar, mini bar, tips, specialty restaurants, free flow French - unlimited caviar

Seabourn Encore is a small 6-star ship of only 600 people. it is an all-suite ship which means that your cabin will be 2-3 times the size of that on P&O. Not only that you get a full premium drinks package and mini bar included with full-sized bottles.

As of today's date, this cruise was available to book two months in advance at $2014 per person, or about $600 cheaper per person, or $1200 on the total cabin, for a true 6-star experience.

What's the difference between an all-inclusive 6-star ship and a 3/4-star one?

There really is no comparison, it's like the difference between traveling in the economy or first class, except a 6-star cruise is first class 24/7, not just a few hours. Not convinced ... just look through the galleries above and compare the cabins, bathrooms, pools, and public areas.

For less than a 3/4 star cruise FAB really can secure you a suite, not just a cabin with a huge balcony, a separate lounge and bed area, a walk-in robe, and huge marble bathrooms, most with double sinks, and separate shower, and even a bath.

All it takes is adjusting your mindset to book at the last minute instead of years in advance. But how can you do that if you need to book flights a year or more before departure to secure the lowest prices? Our advice is to book flights early, and cruises last minute, and not lock in any ground content such as hotels or car hire you can't cancel. If you remain flexible in your choice of itinerary, we will almost always be able to find you similar deals to the one above.

It might mean that you end up sailing from Venice instead of Athens, but as everything is so close in Europe and with trains and flights being so cheap, if you are prepared to adjust your plans, FAB really can help you bag an upgrade to a true first-class experience and save you big money at the same time. How good is that?

New to cruising and don't know where to start.

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