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6-star vs 3-star value
  • 6-star vs 3-star value


    Comparing the actual cost vs value of a 4/5-Star vs 6 Star Cruise.

    The comparison table in the second image details the indicative value and cost of inclusions of most mainstream cruise lines.

    It is very much a work in progress, and I will adjust it regularly based on price movements and feedback from others who think I am off the mark.

    •Comparing apples with apples: I have tried to be conservative and based costs and values on the following assumptions:

    •Taxes: These are typical average amounts. Some regions/countries will incur taxes 2/3 times higher.

    •Gratuities/tips: I have used $16 per person per day, which is about the lowest range across the industry for a 'standard' cabin. Suites would normally command double the rates I have used.

    •Drinks: I have used the Celebrity standard rates for both basic and premium drink packages.

    •Mini Bar: I have estimated the value of this to be $60 per day, which I believe is conservative as most 6-star lines provide full-size bottles of spirits, beer, and wine.

    •Specialty Dining: Again very hard to quantify, but as the rates of these are every increasing, I have used the figure of $100 per cruise. With the quality offered by the true 6-star lines, this really should be many times this figure.

    •Shore Excursions: Again, I have been conservative, using the figure of $100 per person per day. Most 6-star ship excursions cost about $100-150.

    •Caviar/French Champagne: I have not assigned a value to these in the comparison table. They represent a significant cost to the cruise line and value to guests. If these are your 'thing' you could easily enjoy hundreds of dollars while onboard, and many people do.

    •What is impossible to price in this table is the additional size of cabins, balconies and bathrooms. 6-Star ships are about 3/4 times the size of standard cabins on 3/4 star ships.


    •Celebrity: You can purchase an ALL-IN Package that on average, will add approximately $100 per person per day. This includes a basic drinks package, wifi, and tips

    •Windstar: Offer a similar deal but is better value at only $89 per person per day, and includes the added bonus of mini bar.

    •Oceania: Interline fares do not include drinks or tips. You can pick and choose which drink package you would like, tip[s are mandatory.

    Let me know where and how you think I have stuffed up, or point out things that don't make any sense or could be reworked for clarity.

    Please share with anyone you know who cruises a lot, at which ever level.

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