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7 Nights 14 July


7 nights departing July 14, 2024
Seabourn ❘ Seabourn Encore


Brochure Balcony Suite$4,034

Our Suite$2,679

Interline Rate$1,804

You Save55%





Seabourn is fully inclusive of:


All meals

Full open bar

Mini bar - large bottles

All entertainment

Tips paid

Signature: Deck parties

Aft water sports marina

Free-flow French Champagne

Unlimited caviar

Only extras Tax Shore excursions



VIDEO: Barcelona to Rome

REEL: Short Version


Below is a quick review I wrote while onboard my very first cruise Seabourn cruise.


The first impressions recorded below still hold true many years later after having sailed with them many times since.


What follows sums up much of why they remain, to this day, after having sailed on all the high end brands, my favorite, 6 star cruise line.




Sometimes in life, you stumble across things of such beauty, such grace, such perfection that tears well in your eyes.


It might be a sublime piece of music performed by a consummate artist, or a work of art, or the cuteness of a new puppy, or at times it can be a connection with a stranger involving a shared joy that touches a humanity that lives deep inside us all.


I’ve cried the odd tear this week because of the sheer beauty of the experience we have shared. These amazing people who are all true artists in what they do, have welcomed us into their home, and that is what this ship is, and although we are paying guests it has been a journey we have shared equally with them together.


I know this is not a unique or uncommon feeling at the end of many cruises. But none has ever come close to the sheer joy, the sheer magic of the Seabourn experience.


It is something far beyond the capacity of words to describe. But perhaps the smiles in some of the photos give the best insight into why the tears have been so apt, so appropriate.


This has been one of the most life-changing, life-affirming weeks of my life.


But most of all to the Seabourn team. They are the best in the business.


7 Nights 14 July

$8,998.00 Regular Price
$1,804.00Sale Price
  •  Watch this video - Barcelona to Rome



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