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Note: As the pricing for cruises on interline rates Ex Australian can at times be very close to reduced retail fares never want to be in the situation where we sell an interline fare that would be more than what you could purchase here in Australia in AUD.


Although we often have interline fares for Princess well in advance, (sometimes years), the advance purchase ones are often not that much cheaper than reduced retail ones. As interline fares are always in USD this often negates any saving.


That is why we will only promote here in thye FAB STORE interline rates that are significantly cheaper than current retail prices.


You can view a current table of interline rates updated weekly - but again it is up to you to determin if they are cheaper than you can source here in Australia.



Cruise Line
  • Note: The Australian cruise season only runs from Oct to Apr.


    Although all the main cruise lines lready hae intreline discounts on most ships, most voyages, the discounts offered at this time are usually just below discounted retail, often by only $100 or so. As interline pricing is always in USD any saving is deminished through bank fees.


    We don't want to be in the business of selling someone an interline fare that could work out to be cheaper buying a discounted retail fare here.


    We won't be uploading interline deals until significant discounts are offered.


    The Australian cruise market is still immature - for more comprehensive advice read our FAB Travel Advisory on this subject.

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