Myth buster: But I can’t afford an all inclusive cruise, I can only afford a mid range one.

FAB INBOX - I can't afford a fully inclusive cruise.


My answer:

So lets do the sums.

Perhaps the most useful tool we have created to compare the cost of a mid range cruise where you have to tip and buy a drinks package, to a fully inclusive one where tips and drinks are included.


How to use this table.


Drink packages range in price from about $65-90 per day.


Then you have to add gratuities at about 18% on top.


For basic packages not all drinks and non basic cocktails are included. For this comparison I've used the higher cost drink package as the 6 star ships you can order any cocktail.


I've allowed $18 for gratuities per day which is slightly higher than $15 on mid range ships but what they charge for suites. The six star cabins really are the size of suites on mid range ships.


And then on top of all of this are charges for speciality restaurant dining. I've gone for a cheaper package to compare of only 3 meals. Speciality dining on six star ships is included.


So all up that comes to:


89 Drinks package

105 Drinks with gratuities added

18 Gratuities for cabin and service staff

123 Total per day


How to use this table.


Find a cruise and price on a mid range ship.

If you normally buy a drinks package you will have to add $123 per day per person to your budget.


So a 10 day mid range cruise at $1000 will actually cost you $2230 per person. Ouch.


We have loads of high end cruises under $2000.


Paul Gauguin around Tahiti we usually have for $1400 for 7 nights. Using the table that would cost you $861 for all those inclusions on a mid range ship, plus $93 for speciality dining. All up that is a total of $954, meaning the cruise on a very small ship of only 330 people at 5.5 stars is only costing you approximately $450.


Or to look at it another way you'd have to find a 7 day cruise around Tahiti for under $450 - which you would never do.


Snap - you're welcome.