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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is highly recommended for all types of travel but especially cruising.

We are travel partners with nib and can offer Qantas employees, retirees, and their families competitive comprehensive rates with instant savings of up to 20%. Click the button below to generate instant discount.

We offer Single/Multi/Annual Trip policies with no age limits. In many cases, children can be added free of charge. Singles can buy a joint policy and travel separately.  Winter sports coverage (surcharge).

The cover you need when travellingˆ

^ Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions for each policy, as contained in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Our quick guide to understanding travel insurance


No one likes reading lots of text but this guide really will:

  • provide you with tips about how insurance pricing works

  • help avoid mistakes that can see claims knocked back

  • explain Covid provisions and limits

  • extra steps cruise passengers must take to be covered

If you just want the discount link - and not the tips ...


Please feel free to share this page as our discounts on insurance are available to everyone 

As with all insurance, you must read and understand the Product Disclosure Statement in full. Do not proceed if unsure.


Examples of the type of savings we offer on insurance

travel insurance comparison

Sadly gone are the days of underwriters offering heavily discounted annual policies to airline staff in the region of $250 for yourself and your spouse/partner. Be prepared that a two-week single trip international policy will likely be several hundred dollars, and multi-trip annual policies will generally be over $1000. We would rather tell you that upfront than give you a nasty shock at the end of the quoting process. This is the post-Covid world in which we now live and prices may drop as Covid restrictions and risk diminish.


nib offers both single trip and annual policies

Covid protection is included in both Comprehensive Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip Policies


Warning: Essentials Single Trip policies have no covid protection

Which is the better/cheaper option?


Firstly determine how many trips you intend to take over the next 12 months.


If the answer is more than one trip or if a trip will be more than a month in length, then an annual multi-trip may work out cheaper than single trip policies. 

A Single Comprehensive Trip policy for a couple in their mid-'50s for a few weeks will likely cost several hundred dollars. Extend that up to a month and that single trip policy could approach $1000, whereas an annual policy may be the same price, or even cheaper.


Annual Multi-Trip permits an unlimited number of trips but none can be longer than 45 days in length.

travel insurance quote

Example: 1 month single (left) vs annual multi-policy (right)

Understand this to save money: The price of your quote will go up or down depending on when you purchase it


Example: You have a trip planned for 6 months from now - you have two options:

1/ Pay for your insurance today to start on the day of departure

2/ Or wait to pay for exactly the same insurance just prior to the same departure date

Purchasing insurance in advance of travel will increase the price even if the policy is for exactly the same duration. 


This is because when you pay for insurance you get a Certificate of Insurance. A certificate of insurance provides protection if any 'covered event' detailed in the policy (EG if a car accident that causes an injury that prevents travel) occurs between the date of purchase and the date of departure. 


If you had instead decided to wait until a few days prior to departure, then that same car accident, if it had happened prior to the purchase of the insurance, would not offer any cancellation protection. That is why exactly the same policies purchased in advance will cost more than those purchased just before departure simply because they offer greater protection from the time you secure a certificate of insurance.

When should you purchase? Only you can make that determination based on what you consider to be your own level of acceptable risk, but a useful rule of thumb to consider is, at what date is the cost of the insurance, more (or less), than any cancellation penalties you stand to lose?

Countries specified for Insurance

Ensure you list each and every country you intend to travel to OR plan to transit/through. 


Staff travellers should be especially mindfully of detailing all countries you intend to transit through without confirmed tickets. If you are offloaded or delayed in transit, the policy will not cover you if you have not specified that country in the policy.

Cruises - Annual Multi-Trip

Annual policies cover cruising as standard. 


They are therefore easier to quote as simply indicate USA/Nepal or NOT USA/Nepal

and then list all ports of all

Cruising - Single Trip Policies 


WARNING: It is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for Single Trip Policies that you declare if you will be cruising and to which region. Single Trip Cruise Regions are:

Australian Waters
South Pacific Cruise
Mediterranean Cruise
European River Cruise
Caribbean Cruise
Alaskan Cruise

If there is no option for the region you are cruising then select worldwide cruising.

You must also list the countries for each port of call.

Single Trip Policies ONLY  ... this is where you will find cruising regions

The FAB 20% Discount Link

The button below will take you to the Single Trip page


If you want a Multi-Trip Quote, from the same start page, scroll down and select Multi-Trip 

PRO TIP To save time, comparing single and Multi Trips,

after entering basic info (age/countries/start date) hit select

Then on the second page hit Save and Email Quote

NB Essential single trip policies do not offer Covid Protection

If this button doesn't work click the link below. This you can also copy and paste to share with friends

Fab Interline Cruises, ABN 19610361025 is a distributor of nib Travel Services (Australia) Pty Ltd (nib), ABN 81 115 932 173, AFSL 308461 and receives a commission for nib products purchased through Fab Interline Cruises. Fab Interline Cruises acts as an agent for nib and not as your agent. Fab Interline Cruises can not give advice about nib products, and any factual information provided is not intended to imply a recommendation or opinion about nib products. Before you buy, please read the Product Disclosure Statement, Financial Services Guide and Target Market Determination (TMD) available from us. If you have a complaint about a nib product, see the Product Disclosure Statement for the complaints process. This insurance is underwritten by Pacific International Insurance Pty Ltd, ABN 83 169 311 193.

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