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Business Class Flight Finder
  • Business Class Flight Finder


    Business Flight Finder.


    The Ultimate Travel Service for Cruise Lovers.

    You love cruising, and so do we. That's why we're the best at finding you 6-star cruises at 3-star prices. No one knows the cruise industry better than us.

    But what about getting to and from your cruise destination? You don't want to settle for economy class when you've booked a luxury cruise. You deserve to travel in comfort and style.

    That's why we've teamed up with Jane Arthur, an expert in business class flights, hotels, and tours. Jane has 40 years of experience in high-end travel and knows how to get you the best deals on the best airlines in the world.

    If you want the cheapest flights on third world airlines this is not for you. But if you want the best value prices on the world’s premium airlines, this absolutely is.

    For a small fee of $165 per person, Jane will take care of all your travel arrangements. She'll find you the best flights, the high end best hotels, and the best tours to suit. She'll save you time and money on first class experiences, and help you avoid the hassle.

    You might be wondering why we charge a fee for this service. The truth is, there's no money to be made in booking flights. Airlines pay very low commissions, and sometimes none at all. Jane works hard to find you the best options, and she deserves to be paid for her expertise.

    We don't make any money from this service either. We don't get any kickbacks from Jane or the airlines. We offer this service as a value-added bonus for our loyal cruise customers. We want you to have the best travel experience possible.

    To book your business class flights, hotels, and tours with Jane, please email her at Make sure you put Flight Finder in the subject line and mention that James sent you. She'll get back to you with a quote and a plan.

    Don't miss this opportunity to travel like a VIP. Contact Jane today and get ready for the cruise of a lifetime.

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    • A note about pricing.

      Our prices, like most online retailers, including VTG, are not live, only indicative.


      We do everything possible to ensure pricing is accurate when they are uploaded every Sunday.


      However, pricing in the cruise industry is no different from airfares. Prices can go up and down based on availability and can change, or indeed sell out, in the time it takes you to refresh your screen.


      When you request a quote we have to get into the reservation system of the cruise line and verify current-day pricing, which can be different from prices on our website. Pricing in the industry is all communicated electronically and this can lead to corrupted data and errors which we may not pick up until we ask for a specific quote.


      Until we place a firm hold on a cabin, prices can never be guaranteed. Failure to pay deposits by the set deadlines will void any quoted prices.


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