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Suez Canal Transits


These are some of the most epic voyages in the industry. They are seasonal, only operating when the ships have to reposition to or from the Med, as such they only operate within two tight windows. From the Med down to Dubai and onto Asia and South Pacific from very late Sept to early November.


Like migratory birds, they follow the sun and fly north again only in very late March from Australia through until the end of April when they must be in position for their summer deployment.


As most people who book cruises tend to only look at those that start and end in the same port, or close by, these repo ones tend to be overlooked and hence we oftentimes will get some of the best deals in the industry.


By being prepared to travel at the last minute, within 3/4 months of departure, we should be able to secure you discounts of up to 80-90% off 6-star cruises.


Cruises almost always either start or end in Dubai, and the other two points in the Med will usually be Athens, Istanbul or sometimes Venice or Rome.






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