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FAQs Silversea

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Silverea is generally regarded as the world’s most luxurious cruise line, including every luxury. Styling is more traditional than modern or contemporary, except for their new ships, Nova and Ray, which have a much sharper with a more modern aesthetic.



  • Individual butlers for every suite.
  • Butlers perform various functions, such as dinner reservations, caviar on demand, and canapes before dinner.
  • Full retail fares can be purchased with a door-to-door service that includes private limo transfers, flights, and luggage. This is not available to those on interline rates.
  • Silversea offers significantly more dining options than comparable lines such as Seabourn and Regent. The new ship offer up to 8-10 dining venues, whereas Seabourn and Regent will only offer the main dining room, buffet, and one or two specialty restaurants.
  • Almost 1:1 guest ratio
  • Separate lounge and bedroom area
  • Walk in robes
  • Marble bathroom double sink/shower/bath
  • Balconies large enough for deck loungers


What’s Included:

  • All meals, including most, but not all, specialty dining
  • All tips paid
  • Taxes
  • Standard shore excursions
  • Unlimited caviar
  • Free Flow French
  • Full open bar
  • Full mini bar


What’s Not Included:

  • Several high-end specialty restaurants now have a surcharge, which are higher on the two newer ships. (Ask us for details).


Demographic Best Suited To:

Almost exclusively for adults only, as reduced prices are not offered for children.

Being more expensive, more staid in decor, and more refined in service levels, Silverea is more suited to those wanting the highest level of service, which translates to dressing more formally for dinner. Service is elevated as expected in a fine European restaurant or hotel.


In contrast, life onboard is less formal, and service is more light-hearted on Seabourn. This is not to say that you can't relax and have a laugh on Silversea, you absolutely can. It's just that the service culture is more closely aligned to first class. 


The Silversea Fleet


Click through to be taken to the specific page for each ship on the Silversea website, including photos and videos of all cabin categories, public areas, restaurants, and deck plans.





Silver Nova



Silver Shadow



FAQs Silversea

$20,000.00 Regular Price
$3,000.00Sale Price
  • A note about pricing.

    Our prices, like most online retailers, including VTG, are not live, only indicative.


    We do everything possible to ensure pricing is accurate when they are uploaded every Sunday.


    However, pricing in the cruise industry is no different from airfares. Prices can go up and down based on availability and can change, or indeed sell out, in the time it takes you to refresh your screen.


    When you request a quote we have to get into the reservation system of the cruise line and verify current-day pricing, which can be different from prices on our website. Pricing in the industry is all communicated electronically and this can lead to corrupted data and errors which we may not pick up until we ask for a specific quote.


    Until we place a firm hold on a cabin, prices can never be guaranteed. Failure to pay deposits by the set deadlines will void any quoted prices.


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