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FAQs Windstar

One of our absolute favorite brands, why:


Boutique brand, only 5 ships in the fleet

Small ships from 300 pax traditional ships 

To 150/200 pax traditional and very romantic sailing yachts


Most of their fleet was originally built for 6-star Seabourn.

As such they feature many of Seabourn current signatures

The traditional ships are all-suite cabins that are about 3 times the size of those on mid-range ships

With separate lounge and bed areas, walk-in robes, and marble bathrooms

Their price points are much lower than Seabourn so you really can get to experience a 6-star ship at a much lower price


Ordinarily, we would never recommend older ships, however in the case of Windstar they have spent millions on complete interior redesign and refurbishment. They look and feel like brand-new ships.


One signature left over from the Seabourn days is the aft watersport marine, which is one of the best features on any ship, especially if you are cruising warm climates like the Med or Tahiti.


Windstar is one of the few lines we recommended that is NOT all-inclusive. Prices quoted are for cruise only, and tax is additional.


However, the quality of their ships, products, and meals is so high that we still highly recommend them. They also have an ALL_IN package that lets you upgrade to an All-Inclusive Experience for only $89 per person, per day. This gets you a full open bar, mini bar, wifi, and tips paid. We highly recommend this option as it has a value closer to $150.


Windstar is our preferred partner in Tahiti. They and Paul Gauguin are the only one based there year-round, however, since Ponant purchased PGC their price points have been raised to about $8/10,000. With discounts never really below $3/5,000.


Where as Windstar prices can drop to below $3000 and if we are lucky closer to $2000.









FAQs Windstar

$10,000.00 Regular Price
$2,500.00Sale Price
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