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  • Kimberley

    $20,000.00 Regular Price
    $7,000.00Sale Price

    Generally, 10-night cruises.


    Darwin to Broome or reverse.


    Season: May to Oct each year.


    6 star operators - Ponant, Silversea, Seabourn.


    Only small Expedition ships of about 200 pax are permitted to operate in the region. All operators use rubber duckies or zodiacs to access remote beaches, inlets, and waterfalls. Excursions, except high-cost ones like helicopter flights, are included. This even applies to Seabourn, which normally doesn't include excursions, but being an expedition voyage, they do.


    These expedition voyages really can sell for up to USD 20/30/40 per person.


    Our expected price range for the best available discounts is between $8000 and $10,000 USD per person. ( Tax is additional with Seabourn.) Seabourn rates are the best this season, and they have a brand new Expeditionship on the route.


    The link below in red will give you exclusive access to Seabourn's reservation system. It will show you how many cabins remain and provide LIVE pricing that will be updated in real-time. Click a cabin to calculate taxes. Those flagged Interlien are only available to airline employees.


    View live pricing for Seabourn via our FAB Search Engine.


    Save or bookmark this search, as it will be constantly updated as availability and prices change.


    All prices are USD per person, based on twin shares. Change the first screen to 1 person to get solo pricing.


    The only other high-end operators in the region are Ponant (no interline rates), and Silversea does have interline rates


    A Kimberley expedition cruise is beyond your imagination and one of the most exciting voyages in the world. They are not cheap, but as everything is included, once onboard, you understand why they are so expensive. Silversea Expedition Voyages really do sell for up to $50/60,000 USD per person. Our rates start from $4600, and we can now sell in AUD.


    As this is such an expensive bucket list destination, get in touch for insights and advice, as there are lots of traps for young players.


    Watch these reels for inspiration and the best insights into what a Kimberley Cruise is all about.


    River expeditions

    Typical shore excursion

    Ocean swim

    Helicopter to falls. Additional cost

    Zodiac fun

    Mitchell Falls

    Island Wildlife Refuge


    • Reels

      WATCH these 60-second reels - They give a really good sense of just how incredible this region is.

      Mitchell Falls

      Typical Shore Excursions

      King George River

    • A note about pricing.

      Our prices, like most online retailers, including VTG, are not live, only indicative.


      We do everything possible to ensure pricing is accurate when they are uploaded every Sunday.


      However, pricing in the cruise industry is no different from airfares. Prices can go up and down based on availability and can change, or indeed sell out, in the time it takes you to refresh your screen.


      When you request a quote we have to get into the reservation system of the cruise line and verify current-day pricing, which can be different from prices on our website. Pricing in the industry is all communicated electronically and this can lead to corrupted data and errors which we may not pick up until we ask for a specific quote.


      Until we place a firm hold on a cabin, prices can never be guaranteed. Failure to pay deposits by the set deadlines will void any quoted prices.


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