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New - Le Boat - Save 30%!
  • New - Le Boat - Save 30%!

    $6,000.00 Regular Price
    $4,200.00Sale Price

    FAB is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Le Boat.


    You can now get full quotes, book, and pay online, via the menu on our website or just click this link.


    I've been lucky enough to cruise on some of the very best ships and cruise lines in the world, our holiday on Le Boat through the rivers of region France beats them all. This holiday, more than any other, forces you to slow down.


    Days are spent drifting along tree lines rivers or century-old canals with chateaus and castles around every bend.


    No experience is necessary and they are dead easy to drive and lessons are given when you collect your boat. The locks are equally easy to use and great fun.


    I would tend to avoid the main rivers in the peak of Summer, and those canals such as the du Midi that have a lot of locks, that can see you wanting in long lines to get through. In peak periods head for the smaller region rivers.


    Make sure you hire a full set of bikes as all the canals and rivers have bike paths. Some of your best days will be riding through the countryside stumbling across mum and dad wineries and eating in small towns that tourists never visit.


    From the Lochs of Scotland to the narrow canals of the UK, Amsterdam, through the wine regions of France right down the lagoon and the Grand Canal of Venice, the choice is enormous. We have booked to cruise in and around Venice in June.


    Need inspiration or want to know more, all the answers can be found on our website, access the Le Boat page via the main menu.


    Pricewise Le Boat works out, in some cases, cheaper than a cruise or indeed land content where you have to pay for hotel and accommodation. For two couples sharing, the Premier/Horizen fleet - budget on about $6000 AUD total for the boat. (That is $3000 AUD per couple, or $1500 AUD per person for 7 days).


    I would recommend booking the newest boat possible. If the budget permits book one of the new Horizon Fleet, and where possible it is always nice to have a separate bathroom for each cabin/couple.

    Book by Jan 31, 2024, and save up to 30% on your 2024 holiday.


    No experience? No license? No worries.


    Questions we are often asked by 'boating newbies'


    How easy is it to operate the boat?

    If you can drive a car, then you are capable of operating one of our boats. Our base team provides a thorough orientation of the boat before you set off on your journey, ensuring you are 100% comfortable.


    Is a boating holiday expensive?

    As your boat serves as both your transport and accommodation for the duration of your travels, you're enjoying a really cost-effective way of holidaying. Plus, you are able to enjoy groceries and fare from local villages, away from expensive tourist traps in the bigger cities. We also have a wide range of boats to accommodate your holiday budget and our team will ensure you get the best possible deal for your trip.


    What is on board the boat?

    All our boats have comfortable cabins; hot water, showers and toilets; dining tables and fully-equipped kitchens – everything you’ll need to be self-sufficient for the duration of your holiday. You can travel from place to place, without the need to keep unpacking and packing again! For more information about individual boats, visit our boat pages.


    What is it like to go through a lock?

    Locks are easy and fun! Going through locks is an enjoyable part of your holiday. It gives everyone on board the chance to get involved, no matter their age or experience. You’ll quickly get the hang of them and enjoy the crew camaraderie and the opportunity to chat with fellow boaters. The types of lock vary by region, whether manually-operated or electric; automatic or manned by a lock keeper.


    Special rates - BOOK Before 31 Jan


    Budget & Comfort Boat Offer

    SAVE 30%* on boating holidays in March and April

    SAVE 10%* on boating holidays in May

    SAVE 20%* on boating holidays from June to September


    Comfort Plus & Premier Boat Offers

    SAVE 15%* on boating vacations in March and April

    SAVE 10%* on boating vacations in May to September

    SAVE 15%* on boating vacations in Canada from May to October


    Get answers to all of your questions, quotes, and book, and pay online, via the Le Boat page on our website or just click this link.


    Video: All about Le Boat and how to use the locks


    • A note about pricing.

      Our prices, like most online retailers, including VTG, are not live, only indicative.


      We do everything possible to ensure pricing is accurate when they are uploaded every Sunday.


      However, pricing in the cruise industry is no different from airfares. Prices can go up and down based on availability and can change, or indeed sell out, in the time it takes you to refresh your screen.


      When you request a quote we have to get into the reservation system of the cruise line and verify current-day pricing, which can be different from prices on our website. Pricing in the industry is all communicated electronically and this can lead to corrupted data and errors which we may not pick up until we ask for a specific quote.


      Until we place a firm hold on a cabin, prices can never be guaranteed. Failure to pay deposits by the set deadlines will void any quoted prices.


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