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This is a generic category to, capture your wish list for Med cruises in the peak season months of August, September, and early October.


As Europe is chock-a-block during the peak summer months the ships invariably sell out, and hence the cruise lines do not have to take action to drop prices to fill unsold cabins.


That being said, we will always have last-minute discounts for those who are able to remain flexible.


Here is how it works. Say you've got your heart set on a cruise from Athens to Venice in August. If that really is the ONLY cruise you are prepared to consider and you will be disappointed if you miss out, you book well in advance, Ask our advice on this.


If on the other hand, you know you are going to be on the ground in Europe for 3/4 weeks and are happy to stay flexible, here is a game plan to follow.


Book your flights well in advance. Flights, unlike cruises, usually don't get cheaper, the closer you get to departure. Then use sites like to reserve hotels that offer free cancelation.


Then stay in contact with us, and it is almost certain that we will be able to find you an incredible deal on a six-star ship at very low prices. It might mean that instead of cruising from Athens to Venice you might end up sailing Venice to Rome, but when you are on a first class ship it really doesn't matter too much where you go. And as it is so quick and cheap to get between main port cities in Europe it is snap to change your plans a month or two in advance.


Most of the Med voyages we sell cruise between:


  • Athens
  • Venice
  • Istanbul
  • Rome
  • Barcelona


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