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Trip planning tips and resources

Trip planning tips and resources


Here is a list of recommended tools, resources and websites to help you plan your trip and save you big money.



  • Skyscanner is a powerful flight search engine that allows you to compare and book cheap flights from anywhere to everywhere. It aggregates options from major airlines and online travel agents, making it easy to find the best deals.
  • Use to source the best deals and then book direct to avoid problems

Google Flights:

  • Google Flights is a user-friendly platform for exploring flight options. You can search destinations, track prices, and book flights with flexibility. It’s a reliable tool for finding the best fares. Use to source the best deals and then book direct to avoid problems

  • offers a wide range of accommodations, including hotels, vacation rentals, and more. I am power user and take advantage of the free cancelation periods. I monitor prices as I get closer to departure and will switch and change more than a few times to take advantage of better prices or inclusions such as breakfast. If you contact the hotel direct and say you are considering using, can you do better, they usually will.


  • Rome2Rio is a comprehensive travel planning tool that searches multi-modal routes to get you from point A to B. It covers trains, buses, ferries, flights, and more. Perfect for exploring various transportation options worldwide.


  • Wanderlog is a free travel itinerary and road trip planner app. It allows you to build, organize, and map custom itineraries for vacations and road trips. Features include live syncing with friends, importing flight and hotel reservations, expense tracking, and personalized suggestions. It’s perfect for visualizing your trip plans and exploring destinations


  • Unlike other companies that sell cruises and other forms of travel, Shore Excursions Group focuses exclusively on shore excursions in most of the ports you will visit on your cruise. In many cases they will offer an almost identical cruise for savings of up to 25% off. They also proovide a BACK TO SHIP GUARANTEE which you will not get if booking your own excursions and in the event you miss the ship you would be on your own, and up for all expenses.


  • ToursByLocals connects travelers with local tour guides worldwide. They specialize in private tours led by approved local experts. Whether you’re exploring historical sites, tasting local cuisine, or venturing off the beaten path, ToursByLocals offers authentic experiences tailored to your interests.

Rail Europe:

  • Rail Europe is a fantastic starting point for planning your European trip. Whether you’re creating a multi-country itinerary or exploring a single country, their modern and user-friendly website offers English language options and lets you make reservations, compare rail passes, and purchase tickets. You can easily build your trip using their customizable map.


  • Eurail provides resources for planning a trip across the continent. Their site features a fun tool to help you find the best rail pass for your journey. You’ll also find European train timetables, travel time maps, and inspiration if you’re still deciding where to go. Eurail also assists with ferry travel, allowing you to seamlessly combine trains and ferries for your next destination.

Trip Advisor:

  • Top Things to Do: To discover the best experiences in any city, explore the “Things to Do” section. It provides a curated list of popular attractions, tours, and activities based on ratings and bookings. Whether you’re into historical tours, scenic walks, or culinary adventures. Us ethe reviewws to determine reliable operators or if a tour is for you.

Cruise Critic:

  • A Roll Call is a thread on the Cruise Critic Message Boards dedicated to a specific sailing of a particular ship. Find people sailing on your nect cruise, many of whom will have cruised on this same ship previoulsy and will be able answer most of your question. As with all online forums ignore the extreme reviews, at ether end of the spectrum.

FAB - Tips and Advice:

  • From sea sickness cures, to drink packages, cabin selection, tiping, on board etiquette and so much more.


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