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Anywhere from 160 days or simply one segment of a world cruise that might be as sort as a few weeks.


These offer the best discounts, as in dollar per night rate, in the industry.


And if you really are super flexible and travel at the last minute, that is with a few month's notice, these are very hard, nearly impossible to fill at the last minute, and so the cruise lines have to resort to very heavy discounting.


How heavy. 


We have had half a dozen this year on 30-24 day voyages from as low as $10-15,000. Which works out to be only a few hundred dollars per night. And much much less than spending a few months in Europe.


TIP: If looking at  world cruise you really should only consider an inclusive fare as tips and drinks and will add approx $100 per person per day, or an additional $6000 per month, or $9000 on a 45 nighter. 


Please add this category to your wish list and get in touch we us and we can track prices for you and seek out an incredible deal.



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