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Upgrade your life. Upgrade your cruise.

Move on up from a ho-hum mid-range experienced to 6-Star Luxury!

If you've only cruised on mid-range ships and dream of experiencing the pinnacle of luxury on a 6-star cruise, this post is for you!

Six years ago, my cruising was limited to lines like Princess, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean. I often dreamed of upgrading to a 6-star experience but never thought it was within reach. Fast forward to today, my reality has transformed—we now enjoy 5 or 6 cruises a year on the world's best cruise lines.

Don't let limiting thoughts or preconceived notions hold you back!

We're excited to share a fantastic opportunity with you: a wide selection of 6-star cruises for the peak European summer season, listed on our website at prices that often beat mid-range options.

Let's break down the numbers. I've included screen captures of three 7-day voyages from reputable 4/5 star lines:

- Celebrity: $2311

- Royal: $1274

- Princess: $1610




Now, let's compare these with Seabourn, priced at $2200, which includes incredible value-adds like:

- Full open bar

- Mini bar with full-size bottles

- Specialty restaurants

- Gratuities

The added value of these inclusions amounts to at least $150 per person, or $1050 over 7 days. When you add this to the fares above, the comparative costs are:

- Celebrity: $3361 ($1161 more)

- Royal: $2324 ($124 more)

- Princess: $2660 ($460 more)

But that's just the beginning.

Seabourn's fleet boasts small, intimate ships accommodating 240-600 guests, most with a free-to-use aft water sports marina. Every meal is an exquisite fine dining experience, akin to spending hundreds of dollars at a high-end restaurant back home.

Plus, enjoy free-flowing French champagne and unlimited caviar!

The real game-changer, though, is the luxurious suite, 3/4 times the size of cabins offered by other lines. Your suite includes a separate lounge and bedroom area, a walk-in robe, a massive marble bathroom with a separate shower and bath, and a balcony with full-length loungers.

24/7 room service is included, with no tipping required, and every order is served on a full white linen table setup.

With a crew-to-guest ratio of just under 1 to 1, Seabourn ensures you rarely wait for a drink at the bar, room service, or a meal.

So, when planning your next cruise, why settle for an inferior product at a higher cost?

Upgrade your cruise. Upgrade your life. Cruise 6-star at 3-star prices!


Compare the Seabourn suites with standard cabins. Compare the prices.

Compare the wow factor.

Compare the luxury.

Say good bye to $1000 dollar bar tabs.

If you've every experienced severe bill shock on the last night of a cruise when your onboard spending account is slipped under your door on the last night ... you need to get with the program and cruise all inclusive.

You'd be crazy to book another mid range cruise without checking with us first.

GENERAL QUESTIONS: Or for help find similar deals

6-star cruises

3-star prices

Up to 95% off retail prices

Up to 35% off travel insurance

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