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Fleet Captain James's best deals of the week


FAB finds the best deals on ALL of our preferred high-end cruise lines and shares them here every Sunday.

Most of our choices below are on 5/6-star ships that offer all-inclusive fares. These fares are often cheaper than 3/4-star cruises where you have to pay extra for gratuities and drinks. That's why you won't see many mid-range brands like Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Princess here. We can still sell most other cruise lines. Just ask for a quote using the chat function.

Why settle for economy when you can cruise first class for the same price?

Why USD? Because the lowest rates are usually offered by the big online discounters in the USA. We can match those low fares, but we have to sell in USD.

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NOTE: All prices USD, per person, twin share

Tax is additional. Singles usually pay 2 x fare, 1 x tax


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NOTE Jan 14 2024 uploaded 12:40

The price points noted for Azmara are typically for inside cabins. You will likely have to pay extra for an ocean view or a balcony, which can cost a few hundred more each step up.

Windstar's prices are based on ocean view cabins, since their smaller ships and sailing yachts have few balconies. However, this should not deter you, as you will hardly spend time in your cabin.

(Airline staff: even lower rates may be available - ensure you check our Interline section)


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You should do your own due diligence to ensure that any deal we have listed in USD is not available cheaper in AUD.


We can not run these checks for you. It is important to ensure you compare apples with apples, meaning that you should always compare exactly the same category, to determine whether you should purchase a particular cruise in AUD or USD.

Rule of thumb if an AUD price is only a few hundred dollars cheaper, you are best to with that as any USD transaction will incur foreign currency fees from your bank.

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